1. adjective

a round window

circular, ring-shaped, disk-shaped, hoop-shaped; spherical, spheroidal, globular, globe-shaped, orb-shaped; cylindrical; bulbous, rounded, rotund; technical annular, discoid

round cheeks

plump, chubby, fat, full

his deep, round voice

sonorous, full-bodied, full-toned, rich, deep, mellow, resonant, reverberant; grandiloquent, magniloquent, rotund, orotund; pear-shaped; rare canorous
thin, reedy

a round dozen

complete, entire, whole, full
5) dated

she berated him in round terms

candid, frank, direct, honest, truthful, straightforward, plain, blunt, forthright, bald, explicit, unequivocal, unmistakable, categorical
2. noun

mold the dough into rounds

ball, sphere, globe, orb, circle, disk, ring, hoop; technical annulus
2) (rounds)

a policeman on his rounds

circuit, beat, route, tour

the first round of the tournament

stage, level; heat, game, bout, contest; go-round

an endless round of parties

succession, sequence, series, cycle

the gun fires thirty rounds per second

bullet, cartridge, shell, shot
3. verb

the ship rounded the point

go around, travel around, skirt, circumnavigate, orbit
round, annular, circular, globular, spherical
What do a bicycle wheel, a basketball, and a barrel of oil have in common? All are considered to be round, an adjective that may be applied to anything shaped like a circle, a sphere, or a cylinder. But of these three objects, only a basketball is spherical, which means having a round body whose surface is equally distant from the center at all points. Something that is globular is shaped like a ball or a globe but is not necessarily a perfect sphere (globular drops of oil leaking from the seam). A wheel is circular, as is a Frisbee; in fact, anything with a round, flat surface in the shape of a ring or a disk may be described as circular — whether or not it corresponds to a perfect circle. But only the rings of a tree can be described as annular, a word that usually implies having a series of concentric ringlike forms or structures.

Thesaurus of popular words. 2014.

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